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The Importance of Choosing the Right Home Lighting Sources

A good house does not just put on an extravagant and classic light on any corner of the ceiling. It needs to be placed accordingly that it matches and fits the condition of the environment. You may come across multiple houses where there are multiple incandescent light bulbs or tubes. This results to their lumens […]

Various Benefits of Using LED Home Lighting

Way back to the good old days where houses are just simple structured and architecturally poor, people finds it dull and boring to live in it. The lights were dim, the rooms were small, the stairs were wooden and plain, the kitchen was just a sink and a land full of ashes. The most things […]

LED Home Lighting

The newest trend in structural and home planning is the use of led lights in houses. Many homeowners prefer the use of LED lights to lighten up their house since it illuminates more than that of normal bulbs and lights. Aside from this, LED lights have a lifetime warranty and will soon be replaced once […]

Home Lighting Design Ideas for the Rooms of Your Home

The best thing about building your own house is that feeling of accomplishment that proves your hard work and success in life. As homeowners, you want the fruit of your labor to be as beautiful and presentable as ever both outside and the inside. Lighting up your homes is one of the most important keys […]

Tips for Effectively Using Modern Home Lighting

The emergence of modern tools for lighting brought up the newest trend in architectural and interior designing. Many architects utilize modern home lighting to add beauty to the houses of their clients. In renovations, these architects and interior designs inspect and plan a beautiful home lighting that catches all angles and sets the mood of […]

Home Lighting to Illuminate Your Home Indoors

Your house can’t be called a house if it lacks bulbs and light sources. Lighting is one of the main and earliest factors to be planned along with the footprint of the house, its floor plan, structural plan (roof plan, beam and column plan and schedule, foundation plan, etc.), architectural plan (elevation views, site location […]

Designing a New Home Lighting Style

At some point of your life, you’ll come across with the decision of changing the lighting style of your home. You will realize that a small change in your house would bring better surroundings and something you can get busy with. Although changing to a new home lighting style would require certain changes in the […]