Home Lighting Design Ideas for the Rooms of Your Home

The best thing about building your own house is that feeling of accomplishment that proves your hard work and success in life. As homeowners, you want the fruit of your labor to be as beautiful and presentable as ever both outside and the inside. Lighting up your homes is one of the most important keys to making those things happen. Having guests or visitors in your house would require you to prepare for their sleeping room. So that you can make them be amazed at your house, try these simple lighting ideas for the rooms of your home and some of its parts.

Lighting up the stairs

Have you experienced waking up at night and find yourself hungry? Then you go downstairs to forage for food in the kitchen but on your way down, you stumbled down the stairs and end up with fractured bones and broken ribs? Avoid it by lighting up the stairs. This idea is not as common as putting lights above. Why not put it below or on the side? Light up your stairs by putting LED strips on the each stair footing or on the body of the stairs. Also, if your stairs are between walls, you can place foot leveled wall lights that can illuminate multiple stair footing at the same time. In this way, you no longer have to turn on the main lights and can just walk with ease without being injured from stumbling down.

Closet lighting

Lighting up your closet is also an important way to add more beauty may it be a walk in closet or just a typical wooden closet. Closets don’t usually have lights in it since the main light can illuminate the inner side. But pests like cockroaches and mouse likes dim places and your closet might be the best room for them. Putting some lights on will keep them away from your closet. A nice light design for a closet is to install tubular lights on the edges of the closet or even on the doors of it.

Accent lighting and Spotlights

Accent lighting is a similar thing with spotlights. The principle of this is to add light to a particular side of the room. The limitation of accent lighting is its greatest advantage since it gives emphasis to a particular object or area. However, it’s far different from spotlights since it cannot be easily recognized as emphasizing a certain place unless thought and observed properly. On the other hand, spotlights are often used with picture frames or fountains inside your houses. It helps the watchers observe more about the area or frame and gives them the idea that you value that object.

Cove lighting

Cove lighting is an architectural idea mostly installed in houses. The elegance of a linear light that passes through an enclosed yet open on one side light is stunning. Multiple house owners are embracing cove lighting and match it with a beautiful and stunning chandelier or a ceiling fan with lights. The principle of cove lighting is to add a certain shade of shadow in the ceiling that appears to be gothic and vintage in form.

Floor lighting

Floor lighting has not yet become a trend in houses. The concept of floor lighting is to put the bulb on the floor instead of placing it on the ceiling. It will look just like how parks illuminate the walkway with the lights coming from below.

Colorful lighting

Colorful lighting is for owners who want their houses to appear colorful as colorful as possible to stand out among houses. Though this will only look beautiful once viewed from outside, colorful lighting is still a thing to try on. Colorful lighting either installs lights on every window of the room with varying colors. Also, you can have multiple colored lights pointing at the outside walls of your house to make it colorful.

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