How Do You Install Demon Eyes?

For many of us, owning an automobile is not just about having something that can get us from one point to another. It is about having something that is uniquely our own and in order to enjoy it to the maximum extent possible, we may make some modifications. When you stop to look at the aftermarket options that are available for any automobile, you might be slightly overwhelmed with the possibilities. One modification that many people consider, however, is installing demon eyes. These can really help to set your car or truck apart from the others on the road.

Some people avoid doing as many aftermarket modifications as they possibly could because they are concerned about the issue of installation. When it comes to easy installation, however, you might be surprised at exactly how quickly you are able to install demon eyes. You can do it in a matter of minutes once you have the hang of it but even if it is your first time doing such a modification, you will likely be able to do it in an afternoon with plenty of time left over to do some other modifications.

The first thing that you will need to do is to unpack the demon eye.

It should come as an LED strip that is able to be fixed into the area relatively easy. In fact, it does not generally need to be mounted within the hardware but rather, you can put it in place with the double-sided tape that is included. One thing that you need to keep in mind before we talk about the specific installation is that you should keep it as far away from the existing LED lights as possible. This would help to keep them from overheating and shortening their lifespan considerably.

The first step in the process is to mount the LED demon eyes strip inside of the projector.

It isn’t necessary to get too picky about exactly where you install it, it just needs to be on a flat surface so that the double-sided tape will stick properly. Apply the strip with enough pressure to keep it in place for the long term. As we mentioned before, make sure that you don’t put it too close to the headlight or it could cause some heating problems. Read more blogs on our site .

Now that you have located the area where you will be mounting the demon eyes, it’s time to peel the double-sided tape and stick it into the location that was previously identified. It is very important that you pick the spot where it will be installed in advance. Trying to reinstall it using double-sided tape might weaken the adhesive.

Finally, plug in the modification to the module box. The colors should match appropriately in order for it to work. You also need to ensure that this plugged in securely so that it does not come loose while you’re driving. Give it some power and you should be ready to hit the road with your new demon eyes in place. Read more about Diode Dynamics .