How To Install An LED Light Bar On The Roof

Installing an LED light bar on the roof of your vehicle is something that a lot of people consider doing. However, it is important that you know what you need to do in order to install the light bar. You need to know the tools you need and the steps you should take to install the bar correctly.

Before Getting Started

Before you get started with installing your LED light bar, you need to check a few things. The first should be that your lights are actually legal. This should be done before you buy the LED light bar, but if you have not you should do this know to avoid having to remove them at a later date.

The Tools You Need

Once you have verified that your LED light bar is legal, you need to gather the tools and materials you are going to need. You will need to have set of screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches. You are also going to need a measuring tape and something that can be used to mark where you need to drill. A drill with the correct drill bits is also important and you should only use drill bits that are sharp and the correct size.

To ensure that the wiring of the bar is done correctly, you need to have a pair of wire strippers, a pair of wire cutters and crimpers. It is recommended that you use IP-rated or marine grade connectors and you can forgo caulking or tape for the splices. Wire ties are also recommended as they will help you route the wiring.

Installing The LED Light Bar Mounts

When you buy an LED light bar, it will come with mounts and these mounts will vary depending on the manufacturer. Smaller light bars will generally have single threaded studs at the bottom of the housing. Longer bars will generally have studs on either end which fit into brackets that are bolted to the roof.

There are some light bars that come with channel mounts. This allows you greater flexibility when it comes to positioning the brackets. If you have a lumber rack, you may want to look at specialized bar mounts and clamps as they will be the easier option for installation.

Stud Mounting

When working with smaller light bars, you will need to stud mount the bar. You should ensure that the area that you are mounting the bar is solid and not plastic. You should never mount the LED light bar onto plastic parts of the roof because over time the vibrations will crack the plastic around the holes. Know How to Find the Best LED Demon Eyes

End Brackets

When using end brackets, you need to have help from one or two other people. You will have to position the brackets correctly and attach them to the housing end studs before placing the light bar in the final position. Once in position, you will need to mark where you will drill holes for the mounting. When drilling you need to use a drill bit that is much smaller than the final hole and work your way up. visit us at .