Improve Lighting Scheme With Bedroom With Two Chandeliers

These days, I love my home. The challenge is to transform it to meet my needs. The next step is the master bedroom. It is spacious, but it has only two tiny little ceiling lights.

It does not suit the job. It is also an ugly sight to set my eyes upon while reading in bed. Actually, it’s hard to read in bed because, well, I do not have much light.

Choosing An Elegant Solution

My home is newer and has some beautiful fixtures, and even a couple of “misplaced” chandeliers. I saw a great tip to re purpose chandeliers that are in odd spaces by moving them to the bedroom.

And, that’s exactly what I did. I have a seating area and a sleeping area, so it seemed necessary to make it a bedroom with two chandeliers for me. It came with zero price tag by moving the chandeliers over to the bedroom from corners and never-used spaces.

It’s elegant, beautiful, and now I feel like a princess who can see what she’s wearing before heading out. That’s thanks to the beautiful lighting scheme in the space.

It is transformed simply by changing out the light fixtures. My only regret is that I wish I had thought of it sooner.

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