Intelligent Home Lighting Solutions That Will Fit Into Your Lifestyle

In a particular house, lighting is one way of making it elegant and presentable to look at. There are multiple home lighting solutions for your houses that may suit your lifestyle. Of course, this may vary accordingly with the differences of house designs and structural components. Chandelier, in particular, is one of the best lighting solutions that brings elegance to a living room or any place. Chandeliers can’t be utilized given a short measurement from the floor to ceiling; else the owners will end up bumping into that chandelier. Chandeliers must be placed on the high ceiling and matched with multiple recessed lights to add more emphasis on its illuminated area. Here are some more intelligent home lighting solutions for a more beautiful and brilliant interior and exterior appearance.


Just as how nice and colorful the day is with the beautiful rays of the sun shining and illuminating half of the world, skylights for houses is also one smart way to lighten up your houses. The process of this lighting is to take part of your rooftop and replace it with a small or medium portion of transparent glass that lets light pass through it. However, this is not advisable for houses with roofs but only functions properly with a commercial building that has rooftops or for structures assembling a dome. The best part of this lighting comes with its energy saving principle. Since you are using the illumination of the sun, you no longer have to waste too much electricity in the morning until sunset. This may still require few lights for the evening and even days when mister sun doesn’t come out.

Floor Lamps

Floor lamps are very much comforting to look at. These lamps are not the typical cabinet placed lamps but extend its foot to the ground. Most of the height of floor lamps are waist or shoulder level. Many people don’t like this kind of idea since they think that it would be a waste of electricity just lighting up the floor. However, many still believe that this particular lighting aid changes the mood of the room most especially if it is matched with lights from a glass French window and the scorching and dancing heat of the fireplace.

Floor Bulbs

Notice those lights on the floor covered with a transparent or translucent glass in parks and other places? It may be applicable to a particular house since it illuminates the ceiling. Although a few of the houses are installing floor bulbs in their houses, many still think that it will appear dull and will serve no purpose. However, Floor Bulbs may be considered as the newest trend in architectural designing.

Floor to Ceiling Window

In most offices on commercial building or residences, a floor to ceiling window serves just right for a proper lighting. Although it may create a different illumination to your house, floor to ceiling windows gives you a wide view of the environment you are in. But you might want to add some tint covering to those glasses or else you’ll end up losing all your privacy to people passing by your office or your house.

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