Is The Xilinx xc3s500e FPGA Board The One That You Will Need?

The xc3s500e model of the Spartan boards available from Xilinx is actually not really on the market anymore. That doesn’t mean you can’t find one though. It just means that the company itself isn’t going to be able to help you with them. You can also still get plenty of information about the specs and how to use the product. While this board might seem outdated, maybe it’s not for the purpose you have intended.


Do you need to know what this board can do? One of the features includes the fact that it has 500 system gates. Another feature is that the board has 20 dedicated multipliers. If those two specs don’t quite make enough sense to you, then it is time to dig further. What do you need to learn more – Spartan 6 FPGA board, and what type of resource would help? You are certainly going to need programming resources if you decide to do all that programming.

You see, to me, the board and other FPGA boards sound advantageous, but the opportunity doesn’t excite me. To a programmer that needs them for a business, however, the opportunity is rather exciting for sure. It is a new way to handle things, and you have a little more creative control, right? What else can you see that this board specifically could do for you?

Since you know the Spartan xc3s500e FPGA board is obsolete according to the company, you might now want to try and locate suppliers and price ranges. Does that mean you are going to have to get a used board? Would that work for you? If not, then you can try to find the one that would. It would be nice if you find the right fit and get to programming to the benefit of your equipment and business.