The Average Cost Of The Most Common Types Of Necklace Repairs

Along with its actual value, jewelry often develops sentimental value. That is why it can be so distressing when your favorite necklace gets broken. Luckily, most problems that affect necklaces can be repaired, making your jewelry look like new again. Although necklace repair costs can vary significantly from one place to another, knowing what to expect ahead of time can help ensure that you are properly prepared. The following section should give you a basic idea of what price range is normal for certain types of repairs.

Types Of Jewelry Repair

One problem that many people experience with necklaces as having a clasp that gets broken or falls off. Any jeweler should be able to replace the clasp for you, regardless of what size or type it is. The cost of this type of jewelry repair shop dayton ohio will depend on the size, type, and value of the clasp. For instance, replacing a basic sterling silver lobster claw clasp will be much less expensive than replacing a rare platinum spring ring clasp.

On average, however, you can expect to pay anywhere from about $10-$100 for this type of repair. In rare cases, the cost may even go higher than that. Repairs that fall at the lower end of that spectrum usually have common clasps that are relatively small in size and that are made from inexpensive metals. At the upper end of the spectrum, on the other hand, are clasps that are made from precious metals or that are harder to find.

If you have a broken chain on your necklace, a repair shop should be able to solder it back together for you. This can make it as good as new. Typically, this process is relatively inexpensive, costing anywhere from about $10-$50. Again, however, the price can vary quite a bit based on the type of metal and the difficulty of the repair.

Different Jewelers In Area

Before you take your necklace in to have it repaired, it is worth calling around to get quotes from a few different jewelers in your area. You may be surprised by how much prices can vary from one repair shop to another. Every jeweler sets their own prices. Because of that, you can find a wide range of costs for the exact same repair.

Of course, like the expression goes, you get what you pay for. If a particular repair shop is far less expensive than all of the other shops in your area, there may be a good reason why. Read reviews of the shop before taking your jewelry in to make sure that they are qualified to make the repairs.

Although you can find places that offer excellent service at affordable prices, it is always best to proceed with caution when you are dealing with expensive jewelry.

Keep in mind, as well, that this list of necklace repair costs is based on an approximation of what most shops charge. You will need to get quotes from stores in your area to find out the actual cost of the repairs for your broken necklace.