Various Benefits of Using LED Home Lighting

Way back to the good old days where houses are just simple structured and architecturally poor, people finds it dull and boring to live in it. The lights were dim, the rooms were small, the stairs were wooden and plain, the kitchen was just a sink and a land full of ashes. The most things that impact their way of living is the way they light their houses on nights. There was no electricity before and they only use gasoline or oil-powered lamps; attaching a piece of cloth to a volume of gas and covering it in a jar. They will then make a hole on the cover and let a piece of the cloth out on where they will light it up to illuminate their houses.

As time passed by, they started using simple light emitting bulbs and fluorescent lamps that use electricity. In this way, they no longer have to buy a gas and risk their houses being burned to ashes from the harmful and unsafety gas lamp. However, the changes don’t stop there. As technology advances, these incandescent light bulbs were slowly replaced with LED lights that cost more but last longer.

LED lights are the newest trend in home lighting since it incurs multiple benefits and it gives a bright luminescence to a particular part of the house. Thinking of replacing the bulbs in your house, think of these benefits it may give you:


Compared to that of incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes, LED is more efficient to utilize for your houses. Since it is very small, it only requires a few watts to provide lumen. Moreover, the shape and the size of the LED lights do not affect its effectivity or efficiency not like incandescent light bulbs on which the shape and size matter greatly.


Although fluorescent tubes and incandescent light bulbs can be a subject for recycling, LED lights are far way better to when recycled. When reused, the former doesn’t give off much light than when it was new. However, if LED lights are reused, it still emits the same efficient lumen. There are also these HID bulbs or lamps that require a longer time to restart.

Cooler light than normal bulbs

Cooler meaning it has lesser temperature than that of normal and typical light bulbs. LED lights radiate or emit a very minute heat in a form of infrared radiation. Too much of this radiation can cause damage to particular objects or fabrics. The energy wastes of LED lights are disposed of in the base of the device.

Longer lifetime

According to most claims, LED lights lasts up to 4 to 6 years of use depending on the variation of these light bulbs. Compared to that of fluorescent lamps which only last up to 1 to 2 years, LED lights are more efficient and cost effective in the long run.


The fragileness and unstableness of fluorescent tubes and incandescent light bulbs cannot much the stability and solid components of LEDs, which makes it harder to destroy with external shocks.

Article with thanks to Bedroom Chandeliers.

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