What Are Passive Electronic Components?

We live in a world that is becoming more and more dependent on the electronics that it uses on a daily basis. We use them on a personal level, often being attached to our smartphones and it is rare to be away from those electronic devices for any length of time. Businesses have also come to rely on electronics for growing their business, getting work done and keeping their customers happy on a day to day basis. Although many people use electronics in their personal lives and business lives, there are many aspects of electronics that are unknown. One of those aspects is passive electronic components.

Types Of Electronic Devices

Inside of any type of electronic device, regardless of whether it is a mainframe computer or our iPad, is a circuit board that operates the entire unit. Energy flows through the circuit board in such a way that it controls every aspect of the electronic device we are using. Prior to the time that you can really consider the circuit to be electronic, however, there has to be an active device connected to it. Without those active devices, the electronic item would really be of little or no use to us. To put it simply, it just wouldn’t work.

Transformers And Capacitors

Inside of the electronic device is often additional items that are considered to be passive electronic parts. These type of components really work within the electronic device for a wide variety of purposes but they don’t necessarily control the device through electronic means. Some examples of those passive components that are included in many electronic devices are transformers, capacitors, and resistors. On the other hand, active devices could include transistors and vacuum tubes.

Of course, each electronic device that we have is going to work in a different way and there are not always going to be the same types of active and passive components that are included within them. In the end, however, they do work together in order to power our electronic devices and to make life a little bit more convenient for us.

It isn’t really necessary to know what takes place on the inside of our electronics in order to appreciate them. What is important, however, is the fact that we are always learning and when we can take advantage of that knowledge, we might just find that we are using our electronic devices in new and interesting ways.