Which Headlights Shine Better: Halogen, HID Or LED ?

With the popularity of traditional halogen headlights continuing to decrease with each passing day, drivers are attracted to brighter and whiter headlights on the market today. Even though halogen lights are still common on most of the vehicles out there, Xenon and LED headlights are growing in popularity due to the numerous advantages offered by these headlights. With a variety of options to choose from, you might want to know which headlights shine better – is it halogen, xenon, or LED? This article answers the question of – “which headlights shine best: halogen, HID, or LED?”

LED lights have become extremely popular

With a majority of motorists out there due to the many advantages offered by them. In fact, they have the coolest color temperature – which is around 6,000 Kelvin. That is what makes LED lights shine better than halogen and HID headlights. On the other hand, HID or xenon lights come with a color temperature of 4,500 K while halogens have a color temperature of 3,200 K – which makes halogen headlights a bit yellowish in color.

Halogen headlights are found in most of the car brands on the market today. They are popular with many customers since they are the cheapest on the market today. These bulbs use heated tungsten filaments in order to produce light. But it produces a significant amount of heat in the light generation process. In fact, more than 80% of the energy is wasted when it comes to halogen headlights since heat is produced as a byproduct. The low price is the main advantage of these headlights.

Xenon or HID lights are quite popular on the market today.

They are more commonly known as high-intensity discharge (HID) lights – which will produce a more brighter light compared to halogen lights. On the other HID bulbs produce less heat in the light generation process. The blue-white light emitted by these bulbs are much brighter compared to halogen headlights. The bulb requires a lot of energy to produce the first burst of light. But when they are fully operational, they will need less energy to maintain the performance of the light. They have a longer lifespan than halogen lights due to the low heat emission when generating light. They are more expensive than halogen lights. Read more on our website .

LED or light emitting diodes are the best headlights for your car in this day and age. LED relies on small diodes to produce the light. They require very less energy to produce light. In fact, more than 80% of the energy is used to produce light. Since the diodes produce a significant amount of heat during the light generation process, these lights require heat control systems to preserve the electrodes during the light generation process. LED lights have the brightest and whitest shine compared to halogen and HID bulbs. But they are more expensive compared to halogen and HID bulbs. The small size of LED means they can be used in any space.

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